Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hyrum Strikes Back! Thank You For Helping Me Break My Writing Cramp, Namelka!

I haven’t posted anything for a long time. I guess I chalk this up to changing jobs and moving from Texas to the Garden State. (In case you were wondering, New Jersey is surprisingly nice. In most places, at least.) Now that I am settled and mostly unpacked, I have wanted to post something as Jeremy had been steering the ship for awhile. Lo and behold, Christopher Namelka made my job easier for me, at least I think he did.

Some of you may have read our previous posts on the coming forth of the Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates. You will probably know through the comments that The Prophet Christopher Namelka, hereinafter The Prophet, claims to have translated these into the Last Testament of Jesus Christ from the Gold Plates. There was some delightful banter in the comments.

Earlier today I found a link to “Without Disclosing My True Identity -
The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.” Apparently, the resurrected Prophet (Joseph) appeared to someone named Christopher, no last name give, and dictated his life story. From the publisher’s website, here are some of the highlights:

“…With his own testimony, Joseph Smith has outlined the official and ONLY authorized manner in which truth can be established upon this earth. In order for real truth to be established, a fully resurrected being must return to the earth and initiate its establishment. Without following this protocol, no other work can be deemed official and authorized.”

"Ironically, since Joseph Smith, not even one of the mainstream Mormon/LDS leaders has claimed to have been visited by a resurrected human being and received instruction face-to-face from an advanced and eternal resurrected being. There have been some spurious and unscrupulous men and women who have made the claim, but with an honest and sincere investigation into what the fruits of their claim have produced, their lies and imaginations are quickly discounted.”

“During Joseph Smith’s tenure as a true messenger of God upon the earth, he was instructed NOT to disclose his true identity, as the LDS Temple endowment teaches. His brother Hyrum, who is now Christopher, was instructed TO disclose his true identity and to do what Joseph was not allowed to do.”

“And because the resurrected Joseph instructed and oversaw the publication of SACRED not SECRET, the book can appropriately and legally be entitled, “The OFFICIAL Guide.”
For the same reason, this book is the ONLY authorized and official biography of Joseph Smith Jr.”

I really don’t have my sources with me now, but I was under the impression that Lorenzo Snow claimed to have seen Jesus at the Salt Lake Temple and spoke to him face-to-face. Are the spurious and unscrupulous men supposed to be said LDS leaders? If so, I see the statement as a logical fallacy. The wording says that LDS leaders haven’t claimed to see resurrected beings. Lorenzo Snow said he did, no?

The real question is whether Christopher/Hyrum is really Namelka. My guess is that Blair Hodges will confirm that he is. So, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below about this game changer in the Joseph Smith book market. Had Bushman known, I think he would have saved his time writing his magnum opus and instead interviewed Hyrum. I will make a good bet that Namelka, I mean Christopher, I mean Hyrum’s followers will find this as they troll the web for places to promote the work and will share testimony. This is fine with me.


Jeremy said...

"In order for real truth to be established, a fully resurrected being must return to the earth and initiate its establishment. Without following this protocol, no other work can be deemed official and authorized."

There is a glaring error in this statement. What about all the past dispensations before Christ's resurrection? Were there resurrections before Christ? Surely not, since we know that Christ was the "first fruits" of the resurrection.

So, who restored the gospel to prophets of ancient dispensations? Who taught Adam and Eve the gospel? JS taught that it was Peter, James and John. Were they resurrected beings at the time?

Evgenii said...

And, if we are being technical, John is not a resurrected being. He is transfigured as are the 3 Nephites. Two completely different things.

Russ said...

The 'Resurrected' Joseph Smith told Cody Judy to attack President Hunter back in 1993 at BYU. I guess it is OK to threaten others with death in order to bring about god's will. Last time I checked God is not a terrorist. I think there is something seriously wrong with everything 'Christopher' says. [rolls eyes]
I would just ask these so called prophets this, "Did you shake his hand and did he give you instruction that is contrary to the system that was set up by the Prophet Joseph Smith when he was alive?" Also, just the quotation you gave us is filled with several 'glaring errors' as Jeremy said.

Cody Robert Judy said...

Joseph Smith didn't tell me to attack President Hunter. Your spreading some pretty vicious rumors.
If you want some clarity, go read Cody Judy's book "Taking A Stand", otherwise do us all a favor and quit your gossip.

Evgenii said...

Hi Cody,

Do you usually speak in 3rd person or is it really you? Perhaps Russ was off (I don't really know) but I would think the whole Joseph Smith commanding it thing would be the least of your worries if you did indeed threaten President Hunter with a bomb. Or BOM, if you like.