Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pres. Monson - "Most Powerful Octogenarian"

For the sake of those who don't know, an "octogenarian" is someone who is in their 80's. In's annual "80 over 80" ranking, our beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson was ranked as the most powerful octogenarian in America, which also included those in their 90's and beyond. This is not surprising seeing as how he leads a Church with millions of faithful followers.

Other notables on this list, although I'm not sure why they are considered "powerful," were Joe Paterno at #25, Jack Kevorkian at #38, Betty White at #40, and Stan Lee at #45. Interestingly, Billy Graham was ranked at #78. Also, this may be one of the only times a Prophet of God would be associated with the likes of an adult magazine peddler - Hugh Hefner at #19.


Nate said...

Barbra Walters is not going to be happy about this...#4. What a weak showing.

Evgenii said...

It was her first time. I bet T. Boone Pickens was pissed off. He's spent a lot of money on those commercials so we'll move to liquid natural gas!

Jeremy said...

Honestly, why is Betty White considered "powerful"? Is it from her illustrious career on "Golden Girls"? Or the several cameos in recent Hollywood movies?

Most on there I had never heard of, but I did think T. Boone Pickens did get a bad rapp; at least everyone knows who he is.

Evgenii said...

Betty White must be on there because of her recent cameo on the Family Guy.