Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aubrey O'Day, Prop 8, and Mormons

In a related follow up to our posting about Tom Hanks and Prop 8, another Hollywood mega-star condemned LDS support of Prop 8. Aubrey O'Day, who I actually have never heard of, was critical of the church in another article according to (you stay classy, Fox News!). I must digress at first to mention that the initial line of questioning in the interview refers to her recent photo shoot for Playboy. Specifically she says:

The shoot was so liberating, it is very classy, simple and glamorous. It’s all about the girl and that’s what I wanted. It’s so glamorous, Hef was there and he loved it. My whole family came to watch, I have a very liberal and accepting family and there is very little judgment to have ever come out of my family.

One quick comment and I will move on. If you feel a pornographic photo shoot needs to be justified so you call it classy, it probably isn't classy. And what's up with the whole family watching? I can see that conversation at home:

Kid sister: Mom, can I watch Sesame Street?
Mom: No, we need to go watch your sister undress for an 80 year polygamist. Don't worry. It'll be classy! (For other instances of parents who are okay with letting their children sell themselves for money (i.e. glamour and class), check out Tess of the D'Urbervilles).

Moving on now, Aubrey or Audrey, whatever her name is, goes on to really let the Mormons have it:
[Supporting Prop 8] is absolutely Un-American. At the end of the day regardless of
whether you agree with homosexuality or not it’s about supporting basic human
rights. They need the rights just to go to hospital and get proper
treatment if their boyfriend is sick and dying — when I hear stories that they
get refused treatment, that’s when it’s really Un-American.
Perhaps she left her California Statutes Annotated in her pants when she undressed and no longer has access to them. If she had read them, she would know that same-sex couples in California have the same rights as married couples with the exception of the name. This includes death and inheritance provisions, medical decision making, etc. Perhaps before Aubrey shoots off her mouth about Un-Americanism, she should familiarize herself with the issue. It is more Un-American to make a judgment based on ignorance of the laws.

And what does LDS support of Prop 8 have to do with whether someone receives medical attention. No where did I see any person, for or against Prop 8, advocate for refusing medical treatment to homosexuals. If that happens, it is wrong. But don't tie that in to a completely different argument by making a brain-less comment. Perhaps that is why I have no idea who she is.


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I feel that U__S__Americans, like, don't have maps. And if they looked at the Iraq and such. Maybe they would feed poor people.

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But hey, she is above average looking.

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