Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bold World Cup Predictions

I admit it, I like soccer. A lot. Actually that is nothing to hide because I always have and have played a lot of it since I was walking. For soccer fans like us, this is the best time of every four years.

The World Cup(TM) is one of the most exciting events in sports and it can easily draw you in. My first experience was as a 9-year old at Italia 90 when my dad and I watched West Germany defeat England on penalties in Turin during the semi final. A week later we watched Germany win the finals with friends in a small German town. To this day, I have always loved the thrill of the tournament.

I hope that my fellow Seer Stone authors will not be upset if I make this brief post about my predictions for the World Cup(TM). The Seer Stone is intended to have doctrinal posts as well as random thoughts. File this one under random thoughts.

Without further adieu, here is my team by team prediction. I am trying to be somewhat bold by not going with the obvious choices.

Group A

South Africa

Prediction: Mexico (1st), France (2nd), Uruguay (3rd), and S. Africa (4th).
Comments: France has sucked recently and qualified on a hand ball. Mexico has tacos and I like tacos, so there you go. I wouldn't be surprised if Uruguay advances if Diego Forlan plays well.

Group B

South Korea

Prediction: Argentina (1st), Greece (2nd), South Korea (3rd), Nigeria (4th).
Comments: You may have not of heard of a guy named Messi and a coach named Diego. Greece play too defensive but will probably get by on draws. Korea and Nigeria will cancel each other out.

Group C


Prediction: England (1st), Algeria (2nd), USA (3rd), Slovenia (4th).
Comments: I think the US could easily go in second place in this group, but there is too much hype around them as if they will automatically advance. Algeria can be lethal or it can be hit or miss. Slovenia is also a wild card because they have no business being there, but beat out a good Russia to qualify.

Group D


Prediction: Germany (1st), Serbia (2nd), Australia (3rd), Ghana (4th).
Comments: Germany will go far, but not win the tournament. Serbia are very, very good, don't count them out as a favorite. Ghana lost their best player to injury. Don't waste your time.

Group E


Predictions: Netherlands (1st), Denmark (2nd), Cameroon (3rd), Japan (4th).
Comments: The Dutch will go far, but won't win it. Other than that, this is kind of a "meh" group.

Group F

New Zealand

Prediction: Italy (1st), Paraguay (2nd), Slovakia (3rd), and New Zealand (4th).
Comment: Italy have to be favored, but Paraguay could surprise. Italy have gotten older since it won the last World Cup.

Group G

Ivory Coast
North Korea

Prediction: Brazil (1st), Portugal (2nd), Ivory Coast (3rd), North Korea (4th).
Comments: This is a brutal group. Ivory Coast has the Toure brothers, Salomon Kalou and Dider Drogba. But despite Portugal's bad form, I see them going through.

Group H


Prediction: Spain (1st), Chile (2nd), Honduras (3rd), and Switzerland (4th).
Comment: Spain looks good but don't look past their choker status. Chile is a wild card in the tournament as they qualified strongly out of South America.

I will return to my predictions in a few days to see how they stand up to the real results and I will plan out my prediction for the knockout rounds.


Jeremy said...

The question is, what is your opinion about the new ball they are using:


Many say it's going to ruin the Cup.

Evgenii said...

They have said this for the past two or three world cups. I remember when they complained about the Predator shoe. I think the ball controversy will die down and it will become standard in the game.

C. L. Hanson said...

Shows what you know! Switzerland is totally going to win!

just sayin'


C. L. Hanson said...

p.s.: I'm obviously joking. As I said on Rational Moms, my kids and I are collecting the cards (which is why your post jumped out among those on the Mormon Blogosphere), but I doubt our country-of-residence will win. The other family-connection teams we're rooting for are France and the Netherlands, but we don't have high hopes for them either.

Everyone I've talked to about it has predicted Spain for this year...

Evgenii said...

Spain does look very, very good, but they have historically choked. This is the same reason that I am not bullish about the English. I wouldn't be suprised to see a Germany/Brazil final because the rest of the field doesn't stick out too much.

Goochazo said...

Yes, Spain has choked in the past, but never have they had a set of finishers up front like Villa and Torres (with Silva to attack from beneath). And when you add Iniesta and Xavi to the middle, both having plenty of experience winning with Barca, it's hard to imagine this squad choking like the Madridistas that used to occupy too many spaces on the national team....Sergio Ramos I can understand, but Xabi Alonso??