Friday, April 3, 2009

Predictions for New Apostle

As J. Golden Kimball used to say, and I am paraphrasing, one becomes a leader in the church through revelation or relation. With that thought in mind, I wanted to open the speculation for the newest member of the 12 to be announced tomorrow morning. Some of the strong candidates that I can think of are:

Kim Clark - President of BYU-Idaho, and President of Harvard Business School. Good PR.
Cecil Samuelson - President of BYU-Provo
Marlin Jensen - Church Historian
Richard Hinckley - I believe he is a 70 and there's nothing like being related to a former President
Yoshihiko Kikuchi - Potential first Apostle from Asia
Carlos Asay - or some other 70 from Latin America
Frank Vinceguerra - hymn passer-outer, home teacher and first to testify every fast Sunday in Concord, NH ward

I think that there is another Oaks in there too but I am not sure on his chances. Any other guesses?


Jeremy said...

I would go with Frank Vinceguerra except he probably wouldn't be able to find an apartment on the first floor, near a bus stop, and with a laundry service.

Evgenii said...

But you have to admit, he'd get his reporting in to President Monson faster than anyone else. I can just see it now:

"President Monson, you need to home teach me this month."

"Uh huh."

"You're a funny guy."

"Uh huh."

Chris H. said...

Carlos Asay has been dead for about a decade. Maybe you are thinking of somebody else?

Instigator said...

Carlos Asay would be a cool trick, I know his family would be thrilled to see him again and he would definitely be the prophet someday because he would never die again.

Evgenii said...

That's too bad. You can tell I didn't put a lot of time into thinking of who because we only have until tomorrow.

Nate said...

I got the phone call yesterday...but I'm supposed to keep it quiet. As per my earlier comment...I've been in on top decisions of the church for 32 years.

e.g. priesthood issues, what games to play in our tri-ward activity, etc.

In all seriousness...I'm going south of the border. Wanna bet $$ on it? We could make an apostle pool...what better way to get struck by lightning.

Evgenii said...

Either get struck by lightning or get called yourself. When Heber J. Grant got called to be an apostle, he skipped conference to take his son to the fair. When he was coming home everyone was shaking his hand and he didn't know why.

I agree that there is a big chance we are looking at someone from Latin America or Asia, but I would still think a Mountain West based individual has a good chance.

AADDs said...

I think the recent visit of Al Gore tells the tale. I'm predicating the eminent baptism of the former Vice President and his subsequent call as the new Apostle. It is a day of miracles.

Anonymous said...

We've got some similiar predictions over at Jensen, Kikuchi, Costa, Gonzalez, Clark etc

I am saying Neil L. Anderson.

We are also making new temple predictions...I went safe and said Utah and/or Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Our RS president will probably be called. She told us in Sunday School that she receives revelaton more readily than the brethren and that she received priesthood keys when she was set apart.

Anonymous said...