Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Generals in the War in Heaven Strike Back

For those of you who remember that unsupported quote from a few years ago that was attributed to Elder Packer about the youth being generals in the war in heaven, the time has come once again that a talk was attributed to Elder Packer from a recent Sacrament Meeting. It's possible that some of our readers on this blog have seen this forwarded, despite not being officially transcribed for publication.

FAIR has done some research and has posted its finding on its wiki here. Make sure that you stop the panic and hysteria on this one if you receive the forward please. Do a reply-all to stop this and send the FAIR link if you can.


Jeremy said...

I think the lesson to be learned here is simple. We all know the times we are living in are tough, and are only going to get worse. Anyone who has read Revelation or Daniel knows that there are some pretty crazy thing that will happen in the near future. None of us should be spend-happy, instead, we should be saving everywhere we can.

Neither the Church, nor Packer's office is denying that the talk was given, nor that the content was actually shared by Elder Packer over the pulpit. However, the Church has urged members to "reply-to-all" with the official Church stance on these rumors because they can get out of hand (as we've seen with a few of Bro. Bytheway's statements)

Hans said...

Not only are forwards bad for propigating unfounded rumors, but they also retain your email address in future forwards to some unwanted spammer.

I guarantee that any information involving your salvation will not be sent via an e-mail forward. And you can quote me on that.